STORMSCOPE WX 1000+ SYSTEM (78-8051-9240-4)

Digital Weather Receiver.Three piece stormscope system including separate processor, display, and antenna.
  • Three piece stormscope system including separate processor, display, and antenna.
  • Operation in 25, 50, 100 and 200 nmi ranges
  • Display of airspace in 120° (forward) and 360° (surrounding) views.
  • Acquires & stores lightning data in all ranges simultaneously. .
  • Clear function to help determine storm severity.
  • Automatic and pilot initiated self-test programs.
  • Self diagnostics with error messages.
  • Can display up to six programmable checklists.
  • Real-time digital clock display for time, day & date.
  • Stopwatch timer and elapsed time counter functions.
  • Similar to WX-1000+ but does not have heading stabilization.
  • Similar to WX-1000E but does not have navaid option for GPS/Loran display.

STORMSCOPE WX 1000 System (78-8060-5780-4)

StormScope WX 1000 System
  • Four selectable ranges: 25, 50, 100 and 200 nm.
  • Two selectable views: 360° view of surrounding airspace, 120° view of forward airspace.
  • Interfaces with the L-3 SkyWatch HP traffic Advisory Systems.
  • Electrical discharge information acquired and stored on all ranges simultaneously.
  • “CLEAR” function aids in determining whether storm cells are building or dissipating.
  • High resolution, multi-function CRT display with adjustable brightness control.
  • Automatic and pilot-initiated self-test programs.
  • Six installer-programmable checklists, each containing a maximum of 30 lines with up to 20 characters each.
  • Real time digital clock display for time, day and date.
  • Stopwatch timer function.
  • Elapsed-time counter function.

STORMSCOPE WX-950 SYSTEM (830-10950-001)

  • Operates in 25, 50, 100 and 200 nm ranges
  • Features pilot selectable strike and cell modes
  • Displays multiple views:
  • 360 view of electrical activity in all directions
  • forward looking 120 view
  • Uses a high resolution, 3-inch ATI display/processor for optimum image precision
  • Heading stabilized when configured with a compatible heading system.

STORMSCOPE WX 500 SYSTEM (830-11500-001)

The Stormscope® WX-500 Weather Mapping Sensor interfaces with the new generation of multi-function displays.
  • Weather mapping sensor that adds storm avoidance capability to many modern multi-function displays (MFD).
  • Interfaces with most popular MFDs thereby integrating lightning detection and avoidance information along with navigation and other data that MFD outputs.
  • Up to 200 nautical mile range.
  • Pilot selectable strike and cell modes.
  • Display of airspace in 120° forward and 360° surrounding views.
  • Heading stabilization.
  • Stores lightning data on all ranges simultaneously.
  • Strike rate indicator.
  • Built-in self tests.


  • Digital signal processing for high fidelity weather modeling
  • Clear bright display with a ultra bright LED display for detailed weather mapping
  • Full-Time 360 view makes interpretation simple
  • Time travel generates a time lapse weather depiction for easy trend identification
  • Zoom control provides weather depiction for 25, 50, 100, 200 nm radii.
  • Periodic system diagnostics and error annunciation ensures verifiable performance.
  • Optional stabilization module or slaving to existing compass systems maintains a head-up relative display through heading changes.
  • Display clear is useful in unslaved installations.