Honeywell makes it easy and economical to upgrade your aircraft with our open architecture multifunction radar display (MFRD). It combines weather radar, traffic, terrain, navigation map and other data into a single, space-saving (6.24" x 4.82") display instrument.
This integrated approach to safety information improves the pilot’s ability to protect his aircraft in all environments by providing safety information in a clear and concise format.
Designed and produced using Six Sigma standards, our MFRD is tough and reliable. At 200 pixels per inch resolution it’s the highest resolution display of its size in the industry. Best of all, its open architecture makes it compatible with practically any system or combination of systems you have in use today - or expect to use in the future.
If you’re looking for a convenient, low-cost, high-reliability display solution to satisfy the upcoming TAWS mandate, you will find it with Honeywell.


mfd2Description: Multi-Function Display with Radar Interface
At the heart of the Integrated Hazard Avoidance System (IHAS), the Bendix/King KMD 850 sets new standards in situational awareness, ease of operation and safety for General Aviation. The KMD 850 is both a display and a controller for the latest in the moving map technology, weather avoidance, traffic advisories and terrain warning. A unique-in-the-industry distributed processor architecture allows you to add processing power as you add functionality. Buy only the capability you need and upgrade at any time, in any order.
The KMD 850 has all the benefits of the KMD 550 display with a built-in interface for weather radar.
Key Benefits:
  • Full-color, five-inch-diagonal moving map MFD for enhanced situational awareness
  • High-resolution, color TFT active-matrix display
  • Outstanding sunlight readability with wide viewing angle
  • High-capacity, front-loading PCMCIA data card
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use Power Keys
  • Unique joystick control
  • Extensive overlay capability
  • Solid-state design with high reliability
  • NTSC-compatible video input port
  • Data link compatible
  • Flexible and upgradeable: add new safety sensors at any time, in any order
Display capabilities:
  • Weather radar
  • Terrain
  • Traffic
  • Lightning
  • Checklist

MFD 640

The MFD-640 offers a convenient, versatile and powerful solution for retrofit and forward fit applications alike. You gain the ability to access a wealth of information including our TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System displays in Map, Profile and 3-D views. You can also display weather radar and uplinked weather graphics; information from the Flight Management System, including the flight plan, surrounding navaids, airports and more; monitor VOR bearing and DME distance; and display TCAS and onboard video sources.