EFIS - Typical EFIS 40 w/ ED 462s, CP 467 and Weather Interface (-01)
The Bendix/King EFS 40 is a full-function EFIS system that is compatible with a wide range of avionics systems. It feature unequaled clarity and brightness and meet FAA HIRF and lightning requirements.
The EFIS 40's size, weight, price and performance, make it the first true EFIS system to be practical in many aircraft where larger, heavier, more costly EFIS systems are not feasible. The EADI displays are ED 462s. The EHSI can be the Ed 462 or ED 461. When the ED 461 (with built in mode control) is used, a CP 467 Control Panel is not required.
  • Weight: 25.20lbs/10.6kg


EFIS - Typical EFIS 50 w/ 2-Tube (-00)
EFIS - Typical EFIS 50 w/ 2-Tube (-00). The Bendix/King EFS 50 is full-function EFIS systems that are compatible with a wide range of avionics systems. It features unequaled clarity and brightness and meet FAA HIRF and lightning requirements.
The Bendix/King EFIS 50 is a full-function 5-inch EFIS. The EADI, EHSI and MFD displays are all fully interchangeable ED 551A's.
A 2-tube system uses a single SG 465 Symbol Generator, the 3-and 4-tube systems use two SG 465s and the 5-tube system uses three SG 465s. In systems with MFD, a CP 469A Control Panel is added. When an MFD is used in place of a weather radar indicator, a CP 466A/B Radar Control Panel is added. To simplify installation, the SU 463 Switching Unit is available. It serves as a master relaying device, reducing the number of external relays, wires and connectors.
  • Weight: 31.40lbs/13.20 kg


The new SN4500 4x4 Primary Navigation Display upgrades your cockpit with the bright, wide-angle display technology found in the latest generation of aircraft. Boasting a high- reliability LED backlight, the SN4500's display outperforms CRT and LCD screens, yielding unprecedented readability and ease of use. Simplifying navigation, the SN4500 also enhances safety with its standard Stormscope®, traffic, and datalink weather interfaces.
Operational Benefits:
  • Full-color moving map NAV.
  • Sunlight-readable display with full 360-degree viewing angle.
  • Full-color moving map supporting GPS- or FMS-supplied waypoints, heading, bearing pointers for VOR and ADF, DME display and marker beacons.
  • Upgradeable system combines navigation with traffic and datalink weather information.
  • Internal Jeppesen NavData™ database
  • One-touch toggle between 360-degree compass and 70-degree ARC view.
  • Auto-slew function simplifies waypoint sequencing and Direct-To GPS navigation.
  • One-touch declutter.
  • Approved for use as a primary flight display.
  • Designed for turbine-powered fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

SA4550 4 X 4 EADI

The new SA4550 Primary Attitude Display is the perfect update for aging Sperry and Collins electromechanical ADIs. Providing reliable, easy-to-read attitude information, the SA4550 accepts input from existing sensors to provide a clear, reliable depiction of the aircraft's attitude in pitch and roll. And because it features Sandel's patented bright, high-contrast display -- the same technology used in the latest military aircraft -- you get unmatched readability in any lighting, while eliminating the high maintenance costs and potential for failure associated with older electromechanical units.
Standard ADI features include flight director command bars and a glideslope/localizer deviation scale; convenience features include a fast/slow indicator and mode annunciations to make flying easier and safer. A pilot-selectable single-cue/split-cue display option is also available.

KI 825


A Clear Picture of Safety
Honeywell, using its steadfast experience in Air Transport and Business Aviation safety systems, now offers the same situational awareness technology in the most advanced display system ever offered to General Aviation. The KI 825 Electronic Horizontal Situational Indicator (EHSI) combines traditional heading and navigation functionality with moving map display in a highly reliable, true 3 ATI format.
The KI 825 displays critical navigation information in an easy-to-use, high-resolution presentation. At the touch of a button, a pilot can configure the presentation to display only what’s required for that phase of flight. This capability greatly reduces workload as only the desired information is presented in the pilot’s primary scan. All this is provided by a unique razor-sharp, sunlight-readable, crystal clear display – giving you the confidence and capability to make flying easier and more fun.
  • Electronic Horizontal Situational Indicator (EHSI)
  • Provides display and overlays of Heading, VOR NAV, GPS, and Lightning data (see Screens)
  • 3 inch ATI format
  • Uses a combination of menu selections stored internally and/or optional external configuration module to determine specific instrument functionality required by particular aircraft installation (see Configuration)
  • Dimming and backlighting adjustable
  • Able to select between four navigation sources - VOR1, VOR2, GPS1, GPS2
  • Annunciation provided to indicate nav source (see above)(Note: nav source annunciation may not be displayed if external relay switching is used in aircraft instead of KI-825 internal switching)
  • Version available with Night Vision Goggle capability (see table below)
  • Original production versions (-0X01) do not include external nav source switching configuration which allows the selected NAV source to be changed by compatible nav unit or by external switch (see table below)
  • Original production versions (-0X01) do not include selected course retention configuration which allows the selected CRS to remain set to the same bearing between NAV and GPS sensor changes (see table below)
  • 11-33 VDC power input
  • Two-year, 5000 hour warranty
  • Retrofit kit available for KCS-55A HSI (KI-525A) replacement