Avion Alliance offers extensive list of new and overhauled avionics for corporate and air transport airplanes
fligthdeckThe AESS is the first truly integrated avionics surveillance system, available to the air transport industry, which optimizes performance by integrating weather, traffic and terrain awareness using Honeywell’s proven safety and information products. Information is exchanged between the EGPWS, CAS 100 with Mode S/ADS-B transponders, and IntuVue™ 3-D volumetric weather radar to provide pilots with up-to-date flight safety information. Both weather and terrain information are displayed on a vertical situational display simultaneously to increase situational awareness. Integration also increases aircraft performance while reducing weight and volume by 50% to further reduce operating costs.
Honeywell has successfully integrated some of the most widely used and proven avionics equipment into the Aircraft Environment Surveillance System (AESS) to provide improved reliability and reduced costs for A380 operators:
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Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
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